Priyaa Indian Cuisine




Priyaa Indian cuisine is a family owned business, which is proudly operated for a decade, and along the way, we have won lot of appreciation from renowned newspapers and famous websites & personalities.
Please check what our customers has to say about Priyaa. 

Yelp Reviews

  • Service at Priyaa is impeccable!

  • What a lovely hidden gem!!

  • When I move away from St. Louis, Priyaa will likely be the restaurant I miss the most. 

  • This place, simply rocks with good Indian food. My tummy expands for Priyaa.

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Priyaa Indian Cuisine

Urbanspoon Reviews

  • Best Southern Indian

  • Delicious

  • Just like the food in India! I will DEFINITELY return, again and again! 

  • Third World Charm

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